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Czech Language – Czech for foreigners

Simple and fun learning of the Czech language

The application Czech is the most effective way to learn the Czech language.

What does the application offer you?


All Czech lessons are prepared using the Imitum method. The application will allow you to quickly and efficiently master the Czech language, whether you want to know the beauties of the Czech Republic or want to work there or want to get a permanent residence.
The lessons are designed so that you not only learn the Czech language, but also have the information necessary to obtain permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

Literal and semantic translations

The application contains literal translations and thanks to them, you don´t need a dictionary!
Czech sentences are also translated semantically.

Simple instructions

Choose any lesson.

Active listening

Listen and perceive the text you hear and see about 30 times. Thanks to this, you will get the emotions of the story, you will understand the individual words and information about the melody of the Czech sentence will go to your brain.

Imitation in mind

As soon as it pops up on your own, you start repeating the text in Czech, but only in mind. The number of repetitions is 15x.

Imitation aloud

The last active phase is an aloud repetition. A very important phase, for long-term memorization of the melody of a Czech sentence. Recommended number of repetitions is about 15 times.

Study 20 minutes a day!


Put a simple overview of how you fulfil your daily plan on your phone's desktop. Simply clear. Clicking on this widget will also launch the application.

App contains

  • 32 lessons
  • 3294 sentences
  • 25000+ words
  • 5973 vocabulary
  • ~9h recordings
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Note: Some lessons (marked as BONUS) cannot be purchased separately – they can only be obtained by purchasing the whole set.

We wish you a lot of success in your studies,
Team Imitum
don't be afraid to ask


If you have a problem with the application, it is best to contact support directly from your device (you will find the "i" icon for settings on the dashboard) or there is a large "About" button at the end of the dashboard. In the dialog that appears, click the "Support" button. This will open a new email message in which you can specify your problem (as accurately as possible please).

If you don´t succeed, use the contact via this form: